RV Crash on 14 Freeway

In a startling incident that unfolded on Monday morning, a driver of an RV found himself in a life-threatening situation as he was ejected from his vehicle during a harrowing collision on the 14 Freeway in Newhall, California. The shocking turn of events was captured by another motorist's dashboard camera video, adding a chilling dimension to the incident. The terrifying footage reveals the RV making contact with the center divider, causing the vehicle to veer out of control shortly before 11:30 a.m. The collision occurred on the northbound side of the highway, in close proximity to Los Pinetos Road. In a heart-stopping moment, the male driver was forcefully expelled from the RV and landed on the carpool lane on the southbound side of the freeway. An oncoming car narrowly avoided hitting him as he lay helpless on the pavement. Promptly responding to the scene, Los Angeles County Fire Department firefighters discovered the shirtless man conscious and breathing, thanks to the swift actions of bystanders who recorded the incident. He was seen sitting upright on the ground, wearing a neck brace, while paramedics provided medical attention. Subsequently, he was transported to a hospital, and his condition remains undisclosed at this time. The motorhome bore visible damage to its front end, as indicated by a California Highway Patrol incident log. Fortunately, there were no reports of any other vehicles being involved in the collision, mitigating the potential for further harm. In response to the incident, authorities issued a SigAlert, temporarily closing lanes on both sides of the freeway for approximately two hours. The cause of the collision remains shrouded in mystery, leaving investigators to determine the events that led to this harrowing incident on the 14 Freeway in Newhall.
Location: Antelope Valley Fwy, Santa Clarita, CA, USA
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