Title: Tragic Death of Motorcyclist in Anaheim, Los Angeles Introduction: The untimely demise of a 36-year-old motorcyclist, who was fleeing from the Anaheim police and subsequently crashed in August, has been determined as accidental. The cause of death was attributed to internal injuries sustained in the accident, as per a critical incident video released by the police on Friday, October 20th. Incident Details: On August 17th, Clinton Agapinan was riding a motorcycle near the intersection of Haster and Katella streets when a nearby patrol car witnessed him commit a traffic violation and attempted to pull him over, according to Sergeant Jacob Gallacher from the Anaheim Police Department. The specific infraction was not mentioned by the police. Agapinan fled from the pursuing police, who chose not to continue the chase, as mentioned by Gallacher. Approximately 30 seconds after the crash, a police helicopter dispatched to locate the suspect spotted the motorcycle at the intersection of Katella and State College Boulevard. Upon finding Agapinan lying on the sidewalk, the police attempted to provide medical assistance until paramedics arrived, stated Gallacher. A firearm was discovered on his waist while the officers were trying to help him. Initially, Agapinan was not handcuffed by the police. However, after he refused to comply with the officers' commands, he was handcuffed, as seen in the body camera footage presented in the video. The handcuffs were later removed, along with his motorcycle helmet, when authorities noticed his deteriorating health and the officers couldn't find a pulse, informed Gallacher. Agapinan was transported to a hospital, where he later succumbed to his injuries. Autopsy findings conducted by the coroner's office revealed that he had suffered a punctured lung, perforated liver, and lacerated vein resulting from blunt force trauma sustained in the accident, Gallacher added. The coroner's office ruled the death as accidental. Investigations and Legal Proceedings: The department's Major Incident Review Team and Internal Affairs will continue to investigate the accident to ensure that the officers followed protocol, while the Orange County District Attorney's Office will conduct an independent investigation. Location: Haster Street & West Katella Avenue, Anaheim, CA, USA. Contact: For legal assistance, please visit Ligalegal's website or contact our hotline at 626-790-7543. For legal help in English, visit Law888.com. Originally posted at Liga Legal®