A crash in Hamburg left over 1,700 households without electricity on Friday night. A fallen electric pole on South Park Avenue caused the power outages, which were restored Saturday morning. The road from Scranton to Sowles Roads remained closed while teams worked to fix the pole. Learn more about the incident here. This incident caused great inconvenience for residents in the affected areas. The South Park Avenue crash resulted in widespread power outages that impacted many households. The fallen electric pole was a major contributing factor, causing significant damage to the power grid. Fortunately, power was restored by Saturday morning, thanks to the tireless efforts of hardworking teams. However, the road from Scranton to Sowles Roads had to be closed for safety reasons while repairs were underway. It is important that all drivers exercise caution on the roads at all times, particularly in adverse weather conditions. Drunk driving, in particular, is a major contributor to road accidents and should be avoided at all costs. In conclusion, this incident highlights the need for effective safety measures and responsible driving practices. Let us all strive to be more mindful on the roads, and work together to prevent accidents and their associated consequences. Originally posted at Liga Legal® Abogados