The Fresno police department is still investigating an accident that resulted in the death of 22-year-old Amaya Chenot at the intersection of Friant-Shepherd in Northeast Fresno last month. According to the police, toxicology reports are still pending before anything is sent to the district attorney's office in relation to charges. As the investigation continues, more accidents have been captured on camera. Dan Wells and his son installed a camera in their backyard overlooking the intersection about five months ago, and they have since posted videos on their YouTube channel, FriantRoulette. Wells reported that there have been fifteen accidents in five months. While the Fresno police do not keep statistics on individual intersections, they stated that last year, 896 citations were issued citywide for running a red light. According to the Federal Highway Administration, 1,053 people died across the country in 2020 due to a driver running a red light. After the April 12 collision at Shepherd and Friant that caused Chenot's death, police patrols in the area increased. "As an agency, we patrol these areas to prevent these accidents or collisions from happening," said Fresno Police Department Officer Christopher Clark. That fatal accident led Wells and a group of his neighbors to contact the city to request changes at the intersection. Wells believes that there are several ways to make the intersection safer, such as increasing the wait time after the red light comes on and removing the green arrow that allows turning from Friant to Shepherd. "We would like to change it to a flashing yellow light," Wells said. Councilman Garry Bredefeld, on the other hand, believes that the drivers are the problem, not the intersection itself. "There simply hasn't been any accountability for catching people running red lights, and that's a big problem in the city," Bredefeld said. Bredefeld stated that the city will meet with concerned residents and traffic engineers regarding the intersection later this month. Originally posted at Liga Legal®