Fullerton Sidewalk Collision

In a Southern California courtroom, 27-year-old Christopher Solis faced trial for a horrifying incident that occurred in February 2019. Behind the wheel of a Toyota Tacoma, Solis plowed into a crowd on a sidewalk in Fullerton, injuring nine people. While jurors convicted Solis of hit-and-run crimes, including causing injuries and property damage, they couldn't reach a unanimous decision on the charge of driving under the influence of drugs, leading to a mistrial on that count. Solis expressed relief at the mistrial decision, stating his fear for his family and acknowledging the emotional toll the incident has taken on him. During the trial, it was revealed that Solis had marijuana and another drug in his system at the time of the crash. However, his defense argued that the collision was an accident, claiming Solis was attempting to evade individuals chasing him and lost control of his truck after being struck by an illegally parked vehicle. Despite the mistrial on the DUI charge, Solis now faces convictions for hit-and-run causing injuries, hit-and-run causing property damage, and being in possession of a drug. The Orange County District Attorney's Office hasn't confirmed whether they will pursue a retrial for the DUI charge.  
Location: Fullerton, Orange County,  California, United States
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