A brave driver crossing the Coronado Bridge, possibly in a white Toyota, spotted a flash of orange fur on Tuesday morning. This animal lover decided to stop and rescue a young tabby kitten, as reported by the Coronado Police Department. However, while the intrepid rescuer was attempting this feat, their car was rear-ended by a red sedan. And the story didn't end there, as a third vehicle was also damaged during the incident, according to the police in a later Facebook post. Fortunately, the police reported that none of the drivers or occupants of the vehicles were seriously injured, although the red sedan suffered considerable damage. Luckily for the kitten, whose name could be "Crash," "Bridget," "Coronado," or "Zipper," according to comments on the CPD's Facebook post, it was spotted by keen Coronado firefighters and CPD Corporal Andrew Hutchens hiding in the "Zipper" movable lane divider on the bridge and was taken to Paws of Coronado. NBC 7 was able to reach Chancel Siebuhr and Jennifer Stein from Paws on Wednesday afternoon, who shared their thoughts. First, Zipper, as they call him at Paws of Coronado, is around 10 weeks old, weighs just over 2 pounds, and is a RED tabby cat, although you can also call him an orange tabby. Furthermore, he is healthy and well-fed, although he suffered some scratches on his paws and under his tail before being delivered to the shelter. The little kitten was found about a quarter of the way across the bridge from Coronado, according to Siebuhr, which would be a long journey for him, so they are not sure if he was abandoned there or not. For now, Zipper is not ready to be adopted; they are waiting for his owner to come forward during the "rescue" period. If no one shows up, the kitten will be available for adoption once he is neutered. However, at the shelter right now, there are two other cats that could be the perfect addition to your home, and in the coming weeks, there will be another 16 kittens available. "This kitten is getting a lot of publicity," said Siebuhr. "We hope all of our animals get a lot of publicity." He added that some of the dogs up for adoption at Paws have been there for over a year, and they would like to get publicity for them as well. They have their eyes on Ruby, a Labrador mix... Originally posted at Abogados de Accidentes