The Illinois state police are currently searching for a vehicle involved in a fatal hit-and-run accident on the Dan Ryan Expressway early Friday morning. According to the state police, the driver of a Jeep Wrangler fell off the vehicle, for unknown reasons, in the southbound local lanes of I-94 at 28th street just after 5:10 a.m. Two vehicles then collided with the driver and one of the vehicles continued driving. The unmanned Jeep veered off the road, hitting the left concrete median barrier, said the ISP. The person who was hit died at the scene. Although the police initially identified the victim as male, Brookwood Junior High School identified the victim as their beloved assistant teacher, Rosia Mitchell. Superintendent Bethany Lindsay said that Mitchell had worked in the school district for over 15 years, starting her career at BJHS as a reading teacher. She was also a basketball and volleyball coach and had been an assistant principal at BJHS and Brookwood Middle School for the past four years. Mitchell always inspired her students, and her loss is causing anger and sadness for those who knew and loved her. "Sometimes she would tell them her story and tell them they could be whatever they wanted because that's what I always taught my kids," said her mother, also named Rosia Mitchell. "She would never leave anyone like that," said her brother Johnnie Mitchell. "That person can provide answers that we will probably never know." Mitchell was a beloved educator. "It makes me feel so angry," said former student Rosemary McClendon. Mitchell was her volleyball coach and then her seventh grade social studies teacher 10 years ago. "She always said, 'You never know, what you do can affect someone else and you never know who you inspire along the way just by being you'." At 38 years old, Mitchell's family said she had much more to achieve and are now devastated by the rest of her unfulfilled goals. "We will always have you in mind because we know how bright you were in such a dark world," said Johnnie Mitchell. No one else was injured, said the state police. All local lanes were closed at 31st street and reopened around 11:55 a.m. Originally posted at Liga Legal® Abogados