A family is going through the unimaginable loss of a 12-year-old child, only months after losing three family members in another tragedy. The Oregon State Police said Rafael Jr. Nolazco Luna was a passenger in a deadly car accident on Highway 101. He lost his life less than a mile from his home, which was filled with love. Rafael Jr.'s father stated that his love for his son will be eternal. "I want him to be remembered forever, and I want to keep him in my heart forever," said Rafael Nolazco Pineda, Rafael Jr.'s father. While the family mourns the sudden and tragic loss of Rafael Jr., they said they remember his loving spirit. "He was always very happy. One thing I'll always remember is that he would come see me and always give me and my kids a big hug," said Dania Nolazco, Rafael Jr.'s sister. Those who knew him best describe his playful and kind nature, and said he loved good food. "He loved sushi. He always took us out for sushi," said Rafael. The Oregon State Police said they responded to a two-car accident on Highway 101 on Monday just before 7 p.m. Investigators said Rafael Jr. was a passenger in a car that was turning left onto Sunset Boulevard. That's when they said he was struck on the passenger side by a truck. Officials said Rafael Jr. was taken to a hospital and died from his injuries. "I love him so much," said Rafael. This family now has to mourn once again only months after losing three other family members in a weather-related accident when a tree fell on their car on Highway 26 in December. "My brother and my nephews whom I love so much," said Rafael. "We hadn't even finished with one tragedy and then another, this one. For me, my heart is completely broken, I am destroyed at this moment." The family said the love they have received from their community and knowing that their loved ones are in a better place is what is helping them get through this unimaginable time. "We have a great family, and that's been a great support," said Dania. A GoFundMe has been set up to support the family with funeral expenses. Originally posted at Liga Legal® Abogados