Accident in Pomona

A violent car accident shook the city of Pomona on Saturday night, leaving one person seriously injured and another tragically deceased. According to reports provided by the Pomona Police Department, the crash occurred around 7 p.m. at the intersection of Ninth and Reservoir streets. Despite the efforts of paramedics who quickly arrived at the scene, one of the drivers was pronounced dead at the scene, while the other was rushed to a nearby hospital due to the moderate injuries sustained in the impact. At this time, their condition remains uncertain, causing concern among local residents. The exact circumstances that led to this violent collision are still unclear and are being investigated by the relevant authorities. As a result of this ongoing investigative process, the closure of all roads in the area of the accident has been ordered, leading to congestion and detours in local traffic. The presence of investigators and emergency personnel at the accident site has kept the community's attention, with many residents expressing concern about road safety in the area and calling for measures to prevent future similar incidents. Aerial images captured by SkyCal, once again, have been instrumental in understanding the magnitude of the impact. One of the vehicles involved was seen off the road with severe damage to its front, while several meters away was the other car, equally wrecked, right in the middle of the street, near a residence. These images have left a lasting impression on the community, serving as a visual reminder of the inherent dangers of driving and the importance of road safety. Anyone with additional information about the accident is urged to contact Pomona Police Department investigators at (909) 802-7741. Public collaboration could be crucial in shedding light on the exact circumstances of this tragic event and ensuring that appropriate measures are taken to prevent future similar incidents in the Pomona community.  
Location: Ninth St & S Reservoir St, Pomona, CA 91766, USA
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