Accident in Los Angeles

A dramatic police pursuit in Pasadena ended in a violent crash in the front yard of a house, an event that was captured in a shocking video. The incident occurred on Saturday night in the 800 block of Arden Road. A video shared with Eyewitness News clearly shows what appears to be the suspect driving a white van at high speed through the city streets. The situation became even more tense when the suspect's van swerved and ended up crashing violently into a parked vehicle in the driveway of a residence, which appears to be a white Tesla. The sound of the impact resonated through the quiet of the night, leaving neighbors who witnessed the incident from their homes in shock. According to the homeowner, the suspect attempted to flee on foot after the crash but was intercepted by the police, who opened fire on him near the residence. At this time, the current condition of the suspect is unknown, as well as the reasons that led him to embark on the pursuit and confront the authorities. Local authorities confirmed that there was a shooting involving a police officer in Pasadena but have not provided further details about the incident. The Pasadena community remains on alert following this unprecedented event, while authorities continue to investigate to clarify the facts and determine the consequences of this dangerous police pursuit.  
Location: 800 Arden Rd, Pasadena, CA 91106, USA
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