Accident in Fresno

Two 13-year-olds were arrested in Fresno after crashing a stolen Kia into a homeless encampment. Fresno police officers spotted the stolen vehicle and attempted to catch up to it. The driver, realizing they were being pursued, sped away, eventually crashing into a fence in an alley. Both the driver and the passenger, a 13-year-old girl, were apprehended. At the scene, it was discovered that the crash occurred near a homeless encampment. A man and a woman in the encampment reported minor injuries, with the man being taken to a hospital for examination. The teens were arrested on suspicion of charges related to auto theft and hit and run. The boy, in particular, was noted as a "prolific auto thief" by the police department. Investigators linked this incident to a TikTok trend teaching users how to steal a Kia, leading to an increase in stolen Kias in Fresno. As a response, the Fresno Police Department is offering steering wheel locks to citizens at any substation in the city.  
Location: E Belmont Ave & N Glenn Ave, Fresno, CA 93701, USA
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